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Hello, I have my PS3 connected via HDMI cable to TV projection unit, was running fine until now??. there is sound but no pitcher coming from unit??. I am also unable to connect via AV cables to check settings in PS3 unit as well, i suspect my young son my have changed settings buy mistake. Is there anyway of resetting PS3 unit in this situation
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  1. Reset PS3 by holding down the power button with it off it will start boot but it will turn off again then reboot. It should ask then if you want audio and video through HDMI. If that does not work it is most likely the cable that needs reconnecting.
  2. I had the same problem with my Tv hdmi apparently the cable was lose I suggest you re attach your cables.
  3. When you turn it on, keep holding the power button for 5 seconds, until the PS3 beeps, this will reset the entire video out settings an it will allow you to re-setup all video and audio out put settings like the first time you turn on your PS3; I can't forget that moment :D
  4. Thanks for your suggestion i will try resetting unit when i return from our holiday
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