Leadtek GTX 465 UNLOCKED & WORKING !!!

I finally got a video card, i got a leadtek gtx 465 (owned a few leadteks in the past, not to good, not to bad, average everything) - price was $250 (i got a $30 discount from $280).
Ran some tests on it and it was pretty good (running at stock clocks), about the same results as a gtx460 1GB.
Then i unlocked it to a 470gtx (40 rops, 320bit, 1280mb, the works) and gotta tell you the results are astonishing.
I did the tests using 3DMark Vantage, presets high, 1920x1080 res.

Initial 465 got about 11500 gpu points (i got a crappy cpu right now, intel e5200, going to upgrade to an i5 or i7 in a few days) and after i unlocked it i got about 14500 gpu points (temp is 44-45 in idle, will check in full load)

In real numbers the unlock to 470 got me a 15-20 fps raise in the 3dmark tests in 1080p res.
Pretty cool for a $250 video card.

Will going to OC it using MSI Afterburner see how much i can get it too without touching the voltage.
My question is: what's a safe temp for it, in idle and in load, how much it should not exceed for everything to be safe.
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  1. Do you live in the USA?
    Because that a pretty bad price for a 465.
  2. unfortunately, no. i live in europe and that was the best price i could get for a 465 gtx
  3. you dont think about temp, you just put extra fan on top the fan that already set up so the compress air is more powerful so the cooling system is more efficiency. i already done it. dont put too much because it might break out your graphic card.
  4. yes, fans on top of fans, that is the solution.......it is more efficiency!
  5. but the problem is, where is the flow direction? i afraid if the flow is opposite, so the effc is lower.
  6. Just put a fan above the card or underneath near the rear.
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