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I've been battling with Comcast about my 50Mbps internet connection. My average download speed is around 2.5 mB/s. Sometimes I can't use Skype video calling or stream an HD YouTube video when it gets really bad. Comcast has sent 6 people out and they have all told me that it isn't a problem with their system. All they do is go to and it shows 47Mbps connection DL.

How can I truly test the internet download speed at my house. Does the Upload on a server's end affect my download speed on my end. If so, shouldn't websites have enough bandwidth output to make me download at my theoretical max that I am paying for?
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  1. You are very much at the mercy of the speed of the server you are downloading from and the connections in between.

    You don't mention is you are using wireless but this will slash your speeds -- even if correctly set up and dramatically if there are reception or interference issues.

    To test real speed connect your computer directly to modem and try some large downloads (maybe a Linux release) several times at different times of day and average the file size download time.

    If speeds vary wildly at different times of day, the loop you are on in Comcasts's network may be being affected by neighbours using TV etc at peak times.
  2. I have sudden link cable and right now I am downloading files at a rate of 15-35kbs. I am pretty much ready to yank my hair out... Sad thing is they were just here yesterday to fix it. When they left I downloaded a game off steam, and received 975kbs-2.1mbs DL connection, but today its basically not doing zip. I pay the fastest internet speed they offer, but I am getting worse connection speeds then when I had 56k.
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