I have trouble with my keyboard using win 7. I got the keyboard, but Idk if it's

my keyboard types numbers in games like if i type w it types 1 or if I type c it'll type 2 or whatever letter I type it types a number. It's really irritating. It did it in my games. :/ Can you help me pls? I went to bios but there's was nothing showing "keyboard" and my sims is working cuz they changed it to work like its on vista or something, but i have other games i play too.:(
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  1. OK, so here we go:

    1. What keyboard do you have?
    2. What games do you play that causes this issue?
    3. Have you tried a compatibility mode?
    4. Does this problem persist in Word or Notepad?

  2. Are you using an emulator?
  3. Have you recently added any software to your machine?

    I recently had what appeared to be the same problem with a brand new laptop. I had installed a security suite offered by my ISP to get the antivirus that came with the suite. Another part of the suite was a keylogger protection program that did the same thing you are describing.

    I could hold down the left Alt key and the keys would behave normally, so try that and see what happens first. This was the first thing that tipped me off. Once I removed the suite, my keyboard started to behave as it should.
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