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Hello i need help with a good gaming build. I'm going to be playing wow(ultra) and some fps (med-high) and i need a good build that wont break the bank. I prefer to shop on newegg and i can get this build whenever :D
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  1. What is your resolution at?

    If it's around 1680x1050 or below then the 450$ build on my website (down in my siggy) should be enough to do that.
  2. Check out the last System Builder Marathon here at TomsHardware.
    That should be able to what you just asked for with its GTX 460. It may actually be a bit cheaper, now, too - RAM prices have dropped further, and I believe that AMD reduced the prices on their Athlon II lineup when they released a couple refreshes.
    I just checked out Shinobi's builds, and they don't look half bad. Nicely done. ;)
    I'd go with his $450 setup if you want more CPU power. If you want a bigger GPU, go with the SBM Setup.
  3. Thanks someguynamedmatt! :D I tried to make them as balanced as possible but with a 450$ budget, I tried to fit the best GPU power I could. The 4850>56xx so I would say it's a better deal :D
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