Computer audio problems after shocking motherboard

So in recent months I've started having an issue where my headphones would transmit my static electricity to the motherboard. Besides the fact that it hurt a little, the past few weeks it's been shocked several more times and things are starting to get really weird.

The major issue is that my dog is evidently packed with static and will come up to me and touch her to nose onto my clothes, which not only releases a big jolt, it knocks out the computer audio. But there's more issue I'm starting to see as well- my CPU has completely lagged out when usage is low- for example, the usage meter is at like 45% but the cursor is incredibly laggy and the computer is almost completely unresponsive. In addition, I've noticed much slower performance overall.

But as of yesterday, my dog gave me a huge shock and my audio become incredibly distorted and at full volume, I can barely make out what is being played with loud pops and crackles. I tried unplugging my computer for a while, then just turning it on and waiting overnight (it's worked before) but nothing has seemed to solve my problem. I've planned on buying components for a new PC for quite sometime now, but just haven't had the money.

Here's My General Computer Info:

OEM: Dell 530s with heavy modifications
OS: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 @ 2.8 GHz
Motherboard: Foxconn G31/G33
Audio: Integrated
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  1. Sorry to hear about this! Salvage whatever you can.

    Do a good job of effective grounding on the new computer that you are building. Also, consider the use of anti-static mats in the room where your computer is located.
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