Spicing up the Realtek High Definition Audio onboard sound card

Hi guys,
Ok so here is the situation:
I've just changed jobs and I have these Sennheiser HD201 headphones that I really really love to use while working. The system that I had in my previous company had an AC97 onboard sound card and the headphones worked really well it (I got the "thump" that HD201s produce all too well).. but in the current organization the system has a Realtek High Definition Audio onboard sound card and it doesn't produce any bass AT ALL..
I tried tweaking the sound card utility but that was just a Disaster..
I also tried, in vain, to pump up the bass levels with Winamp's plugins (I have virtually tried all of them).. :pfff:
After trying all this I finally did what I thought would solve this. I approached my boss to commission a hardware upgrade for my system.. Though he approved it but it got rejected by the IT department as there is a legal issue with ugrading "imported" systems in India (the IT companies in India get systems exempt of taxes and their configurations cannot be changed.. a lot of paper work is required to do so and is only done in cases of blocking issues which is certainly not the case here) :non:

I'm really frustrated !! :fou: ..

Can anyone suggest a solution for this problem.. I read somewhere that an external DAC might do the trick.. wanted to find out what other options do I have..
In short: I need to find a device that takes the 3mm output from my sound card and then does "something" so that I get my "thump" back.. :bounce:

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  1. I would ask if it is possible for you to disable on-board sound and purchase and add a sound card. They are not expensive, and it's not worth jumping through hoops... if those helpful folks in IT will let you!
  2. ^ I think he did and IT pwned him.

    You should see if they feel the same way about USB adapters. The Creative one sounds good (cross your fingers the drivers work though).

    If you are real desperate, you can try running the PC into an amplifier, then plug your headphones into that. Perhaps you can get an amplifier that can adjust the sound better than the PC is doing.
  3. @festerovic: I don't have a problem with buying an amp, but I'm unsure whether it'll actually boost the bass as I'm afraid the bass is getting killed by my sound card. Any Ideas ??
  4. other than to use a graphic equalizer, or a USB soundcard, I can't think of anything else to help you. Good luck, everyone deserves bass.
  5. @festerovic: thanks for all the help man.. I'm on my way to buy a good amp hoping it'll bail me out.. and yes you're absolutely right "bass is the birth right of everyone".. ;)
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