Need help finding a replacement mobo.

this is my current motherboard

it doesn't allow overclocking of the CPU so I decided to upgrade. I'm relatively inexperienced when it comes to computer hardware and don't want to end up buying a mobo that won't fit in my HP e9110t case. I'm currently looking to purchase this mobo from "" but want to wait for your guys is thoughts first.

here's my specs
Motherboard - Pegatron IPIEL-LA3
CPU - Intel Core Quad Q9300 2.50 Ghz
PSU - Delta DPS 460 Watt
GPU - XFX Radeon 6870 2 GB (OC'ed to 950/1100)

I'm also upgrading my GPU to a 6950 2 GB and my PSU to a 600 Watt.
I'm looking for a decent motherboard that can overclock my CPU from 2.50ghz to 3.0ghz or more without any issues.
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  1. That MB would not be much of an upgrade at all. Look for a micro-atx MB that accept a core i5 lga 1155 cpu. Now you're talking a real upgrade.
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