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helphelp, it says on the boot screen that the PEWHI is compressed, i dont even know what that is, tried googling it, and nothing came up, help guys? any ideas on how to fix this?
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  1. ok i figured out the problem, and it smacked me in the face when i figured it out,

    Seems like the "PEWHI IS COMPRESSED" has something to do with the boot requirements so its its similar to the "BOOTMGR IS COMPRESSED" problem,

    So i plugged in the laptop HD into my desktop and looked into it, thats when it was so stupidly obvious, the HD was compressed, (this is indicated by the HD being highlight in BLUE letters when you see the drives in Start>My Computer)

    turns out someone compressed the whole thing thinking more space might come out of it, then i thought "whats the point?"

    if you were to compress the boot drive, the boot process would be really slow, sinse it would need to decompress the files in order to load them, thats if if would even let you boot (PEWHI/BOOTMGR/ETC. is compressed)

    this probably isnt the only way to fix it, but it is one way to fix it,

    go to start>my computer>localDisk<X.>(X being your compressed HD)>rightclick on (x:) >properties> then you should see the options on the box

    Compress drive to save disk space
    allow indexing service to index this disk for fast file searching

    make sure the compress drive space is unchecked, but if its not checked, check it, then click apply, then cancel the process, then uncheck it again, then apply the process and let it decompress the files^^

    and thats how i fixed it...

    so for anyone who has this problem, or will have this problem, this is the "fix" i guess.

    =^-^=Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. oh and thi fix above probably only applies if youre using Windows xp to decompress it may be different if you try to decompress on a win7 os
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