Corsair vengeance arctic white & msi x79a-gd65 8d


I can only seem to find the corsair vengeance arctic white memory in 8gb dual channel kits. If I buy 4 kits making 32gb will this work in quad channel mode with no loss of performance on an msi x79a-gd65 8d?

I have emailed corsair but no reply yet.
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  1. it's a yes and no, it might work and it might not, it
    's just like that, the reason they trow in quad channel kits is that after much testing those 4 pieces work well together, so in otherwords buying 2 dual channel kit might get you to work with your mobo and might not work, im having this problem too as to where im living they hardly have any quad channel kit, and have to pre order for it, taking long
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