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Ok ive chosen all my components on Build Your Box but this is my first new PC in about 6 years and was going to get either AMD Phenom II X6 1055T or a Intel CPU Core i5 2500 'Sandy Bridge' which is best to go for these days intel or AMd?
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  1. intel i5 2500k
  2. What are you going to use it for?

    For Media work (video processing/editing etc.), I still tend to go with Intel. For games I tend to go AMD.

    Start with your budget and requirements and work backwards from there.
  3. +1 to i5 2500k.

    In this circumstance the quad core outpaces the 6 core. And the total build price will likely be close enough to not bring price into it.
  4. i5-2500K for gaming, if you're a media whore (HD converting etc.) then you're to benefit more from having the further 2 cores.
  5. Intel today(Sandy Bridge), Intel tomorrow(Ivy Bridge), and possibly Intel forever, unless Bulldozer can change that of course.
  6. +i5 2500. Absolutely.
  7. 2500k is best.
  8. The Intel core i5 2500 is the better one!
  9. Usually I'd say that it depends on your available funds. In my experience Intel's top of the line chips do outperform AMD's equivalent, but you do pay a lot more for them, so if you wanted comparable performance for much less the price, you would want to go with AMD. In this case, however, the price difference is not much, so the i5 would be the better choice. AMD's Bulldozer series is due to launch on June 11th in octa-core, hexa-core and quad-core models. It might be worth it to wait and look at one of those instead. I know I would :)
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