Problems with my first custum built

i recently bought a soltek sl-k8tpro-939 and a athlon 64 x2 3500+ the cpu came with a fan and some thermal grease however when i put the fan on the borad to test it befor i f***ed anything up and i learn that fan power connector on the board has to little prongs for the power connector. will this matter? what can i do? will i have to get another new board?... please help.
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  1. socket 939 hasn't been available for years. as great as it was, why would you spend $$ on those out-dated parts?

    regardless, are you saying that you tested the HSF before placing it on the CPU? bad idea!
    and do you mean the HSF connector has TWO (not to) prongs instead of three?
  2. by testing i mean figuring out how to install the hsf without turning it on ( it was also unpluged) also i'm useing old parts because i can't afford great new ones it's whats i planned on from the start. and lastly where i connector the the fan plug onto the motherboards has three prongs but the power connector for the fan has four holes or slots whatever you want to call them. however thank you for your reply and for taking time out of your day when you could of been doing other things.
  3. i was searching for parts to upgrade my socket 939 computer about 2 years ago, i found socket 939 CPUs and mobos to be quite expensive, even more than they would have been new, due to them being rare and difficult to find anymore. i hope you got a good deal, i don't see how i'd be able to build a socket 939 computer right now for any less than one using more currrent parts!

    regardless, the 4th cable on the HSF will still plug onto the 3 pin connector on the mobo and work fine. the extra 4th pin is for PWM fan management which isn't necessary, but if your BIOS happens to have the option (doubt it) select "voltage" for CPU fan regulation instead of "PWM".
  4. awesome thanks i was so worried that i would have to buy sominthig else.

    prehaps i should explain on why im using old parts you see i started by thinking i would upgrade and old computer (soket 462) but i relized that no matter how much i up[graded it it would still suck but i had bought a few nice pecies (meaning some nice old ram and the second nicest agp card) so i couldn't make my money back to create a new pc so im stuck with this. but thanks none the less thanks so much for the help.
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