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Ok well I'm gonna be using my 720p TV as a monitor. I guess this is low-res even though my blu-ray movies and PS3 games look awesome on it. I have an HD 5770 currently and was thinking about getting another one and doing crossfire. Would this be overkill or would just one 5770 be enough to push games at very high settings?
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  1. Depends on what games oyu want to play on it but a 5770 at 720p will play almost anything maxed out,720p resoultion is 1366x768 so it's not asking much of the graphics card.
    What games are you going to play?
  2. All of the good ones lol. I play my PS3 a lot and when I had BF1943 on my old computer I got hooked. Right off the bat games that I might get for it: GTAIV, Crysis, Left 4 Dead 2. So a lot of graphics intensive games. The processor I have is an AMD X3 720 black edition that I was planning on overclocking. Would it be smarter to get a second 5770 or a better processor even tho the one I have is pretty decent? OR just leave it and do nothing
  3. A single HD5770 is already more than enough for that resolution.
  4. Oh, well that's good to know. Good enough for say... max settings and AA in crysis warhead with no lag? or would that require 2 cards? (aiming high)
  5. I think it should average 25-30 frames per second when Crysis is fully maxed but whether or not you can use anti-aliasing in one or two games is an extremely poor way to go about choosing a video card setup.
  6. That's not how I'm going about it. I just threw AA in there to help put things into perspective. I've been going about picking a card based on highest price/performance ratio for my budget. I happen to have a 5770 and didn't know if buying a second for crossfire would show a significant difference in games. In your opinion what is the best way to go about having a video card set up and what would you do in my position?
  7. The only really "demanding" game that you've listed is crysis and at your resolution you can run it on a single 5770.As for your prossesor i'm sure you will be able to unlock the 4th core,is it a phenom ii or athalon ii because it is still a very good CPU and i don't think their is a need for replacing it.If you want to spend money now maybe you need some more RAM or better coolers if your going to O.C.As for the graphics card i'm sure you will be fine with a single 5770 wait until crysis 2 comes out next august and then you should buy another 5770 for corssfire.
  8. How much money do you have to spend?
  9. Well since christmas is around I'm getting a boost, I needed some other parts but after all them I have about $210. I have the Phenom II version. I didnt really think I needed to upgrade anyway. The RAM that I'm getting is this- And the cooler I'm getting is a Cooler master hyper 212 w/ fan. So I guess I'm just trying to see if theres anything I could improve with whats left.
  10. So you have $210 to spend?
    Well it's totally up to you but i don't think you will need another 5770 for a couple of months until more demanding games come out that your intrested in.For the most part you have a very serious gaming rig no need to upgrade to a better prossesor.If you don't already have one maybe you should consider getting a sound card or a 5.1 audio system for your computer.
    What type of mobo do you have,what is it capable of?(2.1/5.1/7.1)
    What type of Power Supply do you have?
  11. Well I have to order a new mobo and this is the one I came to-
    My power supply is an Earthwatts 650w. I don't know what type of surround sound the board is capable of, it just says 6 audio channels. What difference would a soundcard make vs. just the boards sound? Sorry I know I'm blasting away questions lol but I gotta learn somehow.
  12. I would get the 768mb 460 its a few dollars more and worth it.
  13. I don't think it would be, two 5770's are better then one 460. Plus I already happen to own one 5770. Unless is somehow outperforms it and Im totally wrong.
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    a single 460 will outperform a 5770 but it won't against x2 5770's.
    I don't know how to unlock cores but i think it has something to do with the mobo,you should look into that when selecting the mobo.If it says 6 channels than it's a 6.1 which is surround sound,so it's capable.If you aren't going to buy anything else i would get some spearks to go with it,
    Your mobo is very good

    Supports Exclusive ASRock UCC Chip - Unlock CPU Core feature
    ^i guess you can unlock the 4th core with that mobo
    7.1 CH HD Audio with Content Protection (Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec) , Premium Blu-ray audio support
    So that means you can hook up a 7.1 stero system to it something to think about if you have the extra money and you want to spend it on something,i can't think of anything else you would need,Can you?
  15. 4th core isn't guaranteed unfortunately =/. Well I guess since my res is so low I'll be totally fine with a 5770. And upgrading later when its more necessary the card will be older and I can save some $$. Yeah I can't really think of anything and I'll take a look into the speakers. Maybe I'll save some money for some god damn games lol. Thanks for your help.
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  17. Welcome and Goodluck
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