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  1. How do you define normal gaming? This GPU is really not meant for gaming. It would be an okay general purpose GPU, but only suitable for light gaming at low video settings.

    How much is your budget and what games do you want to play? Also, please describe your current system (CPU, motherboard, memory, etc) to get better feedback from forum users.
  2. No, that is not a gaming card.
  3. No.

    It's only good for playing older games or light casual games. You're not going to be playing Crysis or Call of Duty on it.
  4. What's your budget?
  5. budget is Rs 3500 , i.e $80


    core2duo 4400 2ghz
    intel 945g chipset with pci e x16 port
    2.5 gb ram
  6. I have a second system with those specs. A 9600GT allows me to play casually on that system, not terrible settings and quite nice visual quality.
  7. ^+1 A better card would be very limited by the CPU.
  8. duh, $80 aint your budget, you gotta watch out for customs and duties. this is the bare minimum for any kind of gaming -
  9. I believe an HD4670 should be cheaper than the GT 240 and equal to or faster than it as well(the DDR3 model at least.)
  10. If the HD4670 or the GT240 is availaible in your market within your budget, then you would be able to game at reasonable levels given your current system (this is consistent with the great advice previously provided by malmental, jyjjy, and KaKkaR0T). Both perform at similar levels and will suit you well.

    If these GPUs are not available in your price range, you could step down to the HD4650 (DDR3 version) and still get very good performance for your money. For Nvidia offerings, your might want to consider the GTS 250:

    Or, the GT 430:

    Really depends on availability in your market. Good luck!
  11. For general information on video cards and a good guide on low end video cards you might want to look at
  12. Quote:
    thanks COLGeek.
    but please stay away from that version of GTS250, that's the weak sparkle version.!!
    NO GOOD.
    I rather have the GT430 out of those two options you listed.

    Agreed. Just say no to Sparkle, in general. Really just an example of the possibilities. HOOAH!!!
  13. ^^^ seconded i've built rigs where people have bought sparkles for them... 8/8 DOA and only one didn't return, and get a different card. sparkle sent him a new functioning card lasted about 3 months then died and he was stuck with it. the replacment after that is still working to my knowlage btu that was only about a month ago so who knows how long it'll keep going

    and ^

    add ^ :D
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