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If i dont plan on oc'ing is it worth the extra $30 to go from a 2400 to the 2500k? I'm upgrading my rig and trying to be as cost effective as possible.
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  1. No,but you can use the 30$ for a CPU cooler as the stock Intel coolers that come with Sandy bridge CPUs suck.
  2. The 30$ might as well be worth for the HD 3000 graphic chipset which comes with the i5 2500K as opposed to the HD 2000 on the rest all non 'K' processors.. This of course if you plan to use the onboard video of the CPU.. If using a dedicated card, the 30$ is well worth saving as pointed out by Tamz_msc.. If you are building a gaming rig however, its recommended to go for the 2500K as down the line, you might (possibly will) require to overclock..
  3. There is no point in buying a 2500k if you are not going to OC. The 2500 is the best if you don't plan on an OC. 3.7Ghz turbo-boost. 3.3Ghz regular.
  4. Ya I already bought my 6950 2gb so looks like ill be going for the 2400. Its only 162 at microcenter, what a steal
  5. Yeah, that is a great price.
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