Building WoW only computer (Need advice!)

Looking to build the cheapest computer yet able to raid in WoW with none/minor lag with settings on good mostly high maybe some on Ultra, but if not Ultra its not a big deal. (Only WoW will be running on this computer)

This is what I've researched so far:

CPU/Processor- AMD Phenom II x4 940 $135
Motherboard- Not sure what will go with all components the best. I'm clueless here.
Ram/Memory- 4GB DDR3 $45
Harddrive- 500 GB SATA II $45
Graphics Card- ATI Radeon 5750 $109
Case- $80 nothing fansy as long as it holds everything.
Power Supply- Not sure how much it takes to power all components.
Monitor- 19" $100
Cooler- $54 assuming I need one this expensive/cheap.
Optical Drive- It's not needed is it? I'll download WoW from the internet.

If you have cheaper options that will play WoW just as good if not better or I need better components I'd appreciate the feedback. I don't know what other major components I need (I can get the keyboard and mouse).

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  1. You need optical drive to install Windows unless you have a bootable usb drive. Also oyu need a copy of Windows.
  2. daship said:
    You need optical drive to install Windows unless you have a bootable usb drive. Also oyu need a copy of Windows.

    Makes sense.
  3. Get the Phenom II x4 955BE on Newegg because it's $13 more, but comes with a $10 gift card and will be much easier to overclock since it's unlocked. It will take an experienced overclocker 5 to 20 minutes to add 600MHz to your core speed.

    Mobo: ASRock $89:
    RAM: 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz CL9. Newegg has some deals for $45-$10 rebate or just $39 straight up.
    Hard Drive: $55 Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB. It's $10 more, but MUCH better performance than any 500GB drive (better than nearly all 1TB drives).
    Graphics: Radeon 5850 $165:
    I know this costs more, but there is no comparison on the performance boost--while there is a price comparison. Also, you can find 5770's for $99.
    Case: Rosewill Smart One $55:
    This case has space for graphics and you can mount extra side fans
    PSU: Antec NEO ECO 620W $45:
    According to Radeon, the 5850 needs 151W (or 151/12=12.6Amps on the 12V rail) and a 550W PSU or 600W for Crossfire. This should do crossfire, should you decide to upgrade and is only $45 AR.
    Monitor: 21.5" Acer
    Cooler: Use your old cooler until you're interested in overclocking. Even then, you can use your stock cooler at first until you see temps getting high. It's not worth buying a cooler if it hurts your graphics (unless you SLI GTX 480's or better).
    Optical: Use your old one. Upgrade to a $16 one off Newegg when you feel like it.

    Without Windows, this is $703 total. And it's totally upgradeable to a Crossfire 5850 system.
    I know you also posted here:
  4. That build makes a computer that you'd think is totally awesome. If you have a Microcenter nearby, you can save $80 or so on the CPU/mobo combo. You could also get a Phenom II x2 560BE and save another $40. You could get a 5770 for $100 instead of the 5850. And you could get a worse monitor and save $20.

    So you could get a computer that would seem significantly less awesome for $125 less (dual core, 5770, 19" screen). My build will work for you for 3 years with great graphics if you throw down $100 for a 5850 next Black Friday.

    Wait a minute! Tenno, you said that money was no object last week. In that case, you should get a 750W PSU and a Radeon 6950 2GB that you unlock to a 6970, then Crossfire that next Black Friday.
  5. any cpu motherboard and videocard in the market today should be able to play wow on max settings.
  6. Thank you guys for your reply. I'll look into your suggestions dalauder.
  7. Bigmac80 was right on the money. A Phenom II x2 560BE and a Radeon 5770 would play Wow very well. Is this computer specifically for WoW or do you forsee yourself using it to play some other games made in the last couple years or play a new game a year from now? If so, the original build, but with one of the combos from Microcenter (if one's nearby) would be what you want. I suggest: 965 + MSI 870A-G54.
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