Palit gtx 460 problems with windows 7

I just got a new graphics card and a new power supply for my dell computer. I have Windows 7 64-bit. I have a Dell Studio 540 model and there is no place in the bios to disable the onboard graphics card. The graphics card I got =
The power supply I got =
I have tried to install the graphics card, but I get an error of there being no compatible vga chip or something. When I start up the computer, it does not display anything and I keep getting the 'no signal' message and a blank screen. It only loads the screen if I plug it into the regular slot for the monitor. The graphics card fan is running and there is one 6pin pci-e connector from the motherboard connected to it. I've been trying many times now, please help?
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  1. you need to make sure that both six pin power connectors from the power supply are connected to the graphics card. Your current graphics requires both six pin connectors to be installed otherwise the graphics card will not have the power to run. it is very strange that you cannot disable the onboard graphics card, very strange indeed. If connecting both six pin power connectors is not work for you post here and we'll see what we can do.
  2. There is only one six pin connector. That is how the power supply came. However, in the manual for installing the graphics card, it said that I just needed to hook two of the cords together and plug in the one six pin connector and it would work. Also, the graphics card is running fine as of now, just need to install it. The fan is running and it's installed into the motherboard.
  3. Are you saying that out of the two 6pin power connectors, only one is connected to the PSU and its running?
  4. it doesnt matter how but you HAVE TO connect both 6 pin connectors. PSU u provided has that.
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