I want to change my processor so I can stream HD movies and video, any help would be appreciated. I need at least 3.0 GHz processor. I dont want to spend more than 150 if that is possible.

Current specs: HP a6040n desktop
Core2 Duo E632 (c) DC 1.86 GHz
Socket: 775
Chipset: 945G

Mother Board
Manfacturer: Asus
Motherboard Name: P5LP-LE
HP/ Compaq motherboard name: Leonite-GL8E
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  1. Why are you so certain that it's the CPU that's the issue?

    What wireless speed / ethernet type are you trying to stream over?
  2. It's a software issue, I'm using "Plexmedia" and it requires 3.00 GHz or better processor to stream HD media.
  3. I'm streaming SD fine with no problems.
  4. List full system specs, as RIP stated, CPU is only part of what affects movie play-back. Video card, RAM would be the main ones aside from that, as well as your network speeds.

    You have a dual core Intel chip, that will run HD fine. You'd only need a 3gig CPU if you were talking about a Pentium 4, and even that is not needed. I run HD fine on my T43 laptop which has a 1.8 Pentium M chip with 1.5 gig of RAM.

    What you probably need is a new video card.
  5. Hang-the -9 thanks for your response, I have 4gb's of ram 320gb harddrive, intergrated graphics. Any suggestions on a video card? Thanks for your help.
  6. I don't have much knowledge with streaming but I guess the 945G video chipset is not HD capable.. Getting a discrete video card will help immensely.. Even a low end video card such as the Radeon HD 5450 will be a nice upgrade.. Your budget can easily fetch you a GTS 450 though..
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