Need Opinions on Acer Aspire E380 Upgrade

Hello all!
This is my current PC configuration:

I would like to upgrade it enough to be able to do some gaming on it, and I'd like it to run the latest games at least for a few years. I'm planning on buying a 24-25" full-HD display, so it would be great if I could play games at a high resolution (possibly 1920x1080).

What I'm planning on buying is the following:
2x 1GB DDR2 RAM cards
64GB SSD (my current HD is packing up, and the advantages of SSDs are many, so might as well...)
Windows 7 x64

The only thing missing is a graphics card. I have no idea what would be adequate for my needs, so I was hoping someone here could help me find one. My budget for the GPU is max 130€. Maybe I can stretch it to 150-170€, if it's really worth it. I live in Italy, if that makes a difference :)

Thanks in advance,

PS: I've been looking at the Radeon HD 5770 1 GB. How can I tell if my motherboard and PC configuration supports it?
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  1. Hello quzle;
    What is your GPU budget if you skip the SSD and use a 500GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 or Seagate Barracuda 7200.12?

    HD 5770 is not the best match for 1920x1080 monitors.
  2. Uhm, I can probably skip the HD upgrade altogether, at least for now, as I have an extra 250GB drive. So I can probably afford a 200€ GPU, maybe even 250€, but if it's gonna cost me more than 400-500€ altogether, I'd prefer to get a new powerful laptop for around 1000€.

    EDIT: A friend of mine says I should also change my mobo and CPU. My mobo definitely isn't the best (only supports 4x 1GB RAM, only has 1 PCIe slot, doesn't support OCing...), so he might be right. What do you think? This is the manual for my mobo:
  3. I was thinking along the lines of a AMD HD 6850. How much are they running over there?
    What power supply does your system have? How old is it?
  4. 150-160€ for the HD 6850 is the best I could find.
    I'll have to replace my PSU, it's only 250W and has no auxiliary 6-pin connectors.
  5. Yes, your current PSU won't handle a new gaming graphics card. A good 450~500W PSU is where you probably want to be looking.

    What websites do you use for shopping or price comparisons?
  6. is quite good, is useless so I check on, and ebay. If I decide to buy it I'll look around a bit more though :) gave me 170€ as the lowest price.
  7. If you cant afford at least a 128G SSD skip it. I once bought an 80 and it filled way to fast, and I dont have very many Apps that I use.
  8. I would install heavy apps on a secondary 500GB/1TB HD. What do you think?

    And about my mobo. Do I have to change it, if I want to upgrade my PC?
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