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I would like to buy a Rampage IV Extreme/BATTLEFIELD 3 and load it with a Intel Core i7 ,3960X and 64 GB RAM, but the official Intel site states that the maximum RAM size for this processor is 32 GB, although the motherboard above (even the one sold by Intel itself) suports atup to 8 x 8 GB = 64 GB.

Will I be able to use all 64 GB using this processor and motherboard?

Thanks in advance for your advice,

Eduardo Quintana
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  1. Yes you will it gets very confusing but the memory controller on the die can only address 32gigs but the board can use more it will not be an issue.

  2. Thanks for your prompt reply, Thent.

    I still will do not get it.

    G.Skill sells the F3-12800CL10Q2-64GBZL (8Gx8) kit and states that it is qualified for the Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, but the Intel chipset X79 + Core i7-3960X combinantion can only address up to 32 GB RAM.

    So, will I be able to address 64 GB or not? Or will I be throwing money in the dump and would be better off buying a faster 32 GB kit?


    Eduardo Quintana
  3. Hi!

    I finally found the answer: a sounding YES!

    See the Asus video actually showing their motherboard running (very fast indeeed) with 64 GB RAM:

    Thanks for your support,

    Eduardo Quintana
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