Installed a graphics card but no display output

I installed a gtx 460 with a new mobo, with the parts from the hp s3720y, the only parts i took was the hd and dvd drive, the ram and cpu an Intel 5200

My power supply is
Antec TruePower New TP-650 650W

Mobo is a
ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i

Any solutions of how to fix this.

The CPU fan kicks on and so does the graphics card fan.
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  1. So i took the battery, put it back in, still the same

    booted it with just the board and the viedo card still the same, checked all my cables reconnected everything

    Tried to boot with 1 stick of ram same thing.

    The boards getting power as the led light on the board is on.

    I built on hardwood and has ground with an anti-static wrist strap.

    Is there anything esle i can try or do i have a doa board.
  2. Can you get the machine to POST? If the machine doesn't POST (basically meaning that it doesn't even show the inital bootup screens) then you needs to check the following:

    1.) Is there a CPU power connector that needs to be plugged in?
    2.) Is there a Graphics Card power connector that needs plugged in?
    3.) Can you boot with the integrated graphics card? (Remove the graphics card. Plug the monitor into the motherboard's VGA port.)
    4.) Make sure that the RAM is on the correct slot (consult your motherboard's manual)
    5.) Remove all peripherals from the computer (Hard Drive, CD ROM Drive, Graphics Card, Sound Card, Floppy Drive) and see if the machine will try to boot.

    If the machine still does not show any display on integrated graphics with all peripherals removed, either the motherboard or power supply is to blame. You can get a power supply tester at Best Buy (more expensive but quicker) or newegg to rule out a power supply if you want.
  3. I can't see if it is getting to post as there is no vga on my mobo.

    Could someone link me to a power supply tester at bestbuy i can't seem to find one on their website
  4. Fye!!!

    I was looking on newegg for your mobo and saw what looked like a VGA port (it was a lo-res thumbnail). Turns out it was a serial port. :lol:

    DOUBLE FYE!!! :fou:

    Best Buy seems to have removed the PSU tester from their inventory. This is a pretty recent change as I got one from them not three or four months ago. :o

    If you've tried all of those steps and the graphics card has a green light on it, it's hard to tell. It could be the mobo or graphics card unfortunately.
  5. One other idea, maybe you could run to Best Buy and grab a power supply to see if it will POST with that? You can always return it if it doesn't work. :P
  6. If it were the RAM the system would be making beep codes, no?
  7. This is true. Touche, good sir. :P
  8. The mobo isn't beeping. Maybe it is my ram.
    The GTX is running as the fan is spinning in it, the board is getting power.
    I guess its starting to look like maybe my ram got damaged.
    This move is just getting more and more expensive.
  9. James, look in your mobo's manual to see if there is a specified set of beep codes for POST errors. If you don't have it on hand you can find it online. If it's not beeping when there should be beep codes it's definitely a mobo/PSU.
  10. Quote:
    pull the RAM and test system again.
    try one stick at a time and boot..

    He said he's already tried that in the second post, mate. ;)
  11. thanks for all the help i will get a power supply tester, when i can and i will go from there.

    Hopefully it was just the power-supply.

    Its really starting to get frustrating as i currently have a 700 dollar door stop.
  12. Good luck man, hope it works out. :D
  13. thanks, i'm trying to not panic.
  14. i still have to test the power supply.

    All connections and jumpers are set right according to my mobo manual .

    I really hope its not my cpu.

    I was looking threw the internet and saw a person who cpu was dead only had his cpu fan running. Which that is currently the only thing i know that is working.
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