Tenno's new WoW only computer list HELP! so close

Thanks to the help of dalauder and batuchka, I've narrowed down what I want. However, if any1 has any better suggetions on a certain component, please tell me why and the difference it will make in raiding in WoW. Thankyou

Processor- Phenom II x4 965 Black edition w/mobo special is $160
Mobo- BioStar A780L36 AM3 760G mATX (comes with processor at Micro Center website)

Graphics card- Radeon HD 4850 1GB 256-bit DDR3 $100 (I'll buy the 5850 for $165 if its a BIG deal but you said dalauder that I can get it for $100 on a black friday sale?)

RAM- Patriot 4GB (2x2GB)240-Pin DDR3 $40

Harddrive- SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 $55

Case + Cooler- Rosewill Smartone ATX mid tower $55

PSU- Antec Neo Eco 620W $45

Total so far- $355 w/ Radeon HD 4850 $420 w/ Radeon HD 5850

Optical drive- I don't know what dalauder means by using my old one... does the case come with one or something or is it easy to take out the drive on the computer that I'm using now and put it back in this computer after I'm done installing Windows? ...How much is windows going to cost me since we are on this subject...

Are all of these components compatible with one another?
I'll buy the monitor, keyboard, mouse after I figure out my CPU.

Thanks lol,
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  1. Forgot to add the $100 Graphic card. It's $455 - $520. Sorry.
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