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I have a file server that I am using (2.3GHz dual core processor, 4gb ram, windows server 2008, small hdd for the os, and two 1.5 tb hdds (one mirroring the other through the os)) is downloading at some slow speeds. I am out of town working and trying to download some files, such as a 700 mb movie takes about 4 or 5 hours. I use hamachi to connect to the server and copy/paste them to my desktop. I've never used the server too much outside of the network and was wondering what I could do to boost the speed.

The internet I'm connected to through my laptop is pretty slow, 2.10mb/s download ; .27mb/s upload & around 6mb/s download ; 2mb/s upload for the server. Also, sometimes the copy/paste will seize up and not finish. If hamachi isn't a good program to use, ideally I'd like something that would allow me to access the server without installing anything on the client pc.

Any suggestions and all help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. so, are you connected to the server via a LAN when it takes long?
  2. I'm connected to the server through hamachi, from what I understand is a VPN.
  3. You're limited by your upload speed from the server's connection. You state the uplaod speed of the server is 2mb/s upload and your laptop has a download of 2mb/s.

    2mb to pull a movie, 4-5 hours sounds about right if you're pulling in 4-5GB of data and not doing anything else on the line.
  4. Hamachi is a slick tool, it can be used for many things, I use it alot for small businesses that have security camera's set up. Most security camera's have software that will allow you to remotely watch it. Have the software listen on the Hamachi address... so the world can't easily pound the http server with BS requests... Hamachi is only provides a secure tunnel and its limited to your speeds.

    Riser is right, you are limited to your servers upload speed...

    If copy and paste holds up and stops, inturn you have to restart the download\upload all over, I would suggest looking at a FTP service, with that you can resume file transfers where they left off, and you can have it listen on the hamachi address too :) so you don't have to port forward on your router.... If you want to watch movies that are stored on the server you can always set up a share, start the movie, pause it and let it buffer, then resume the movie once you have enough buffered...
  5. Did Hamachi have a green on the connection, meaning it made a direct connection?
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