Need some advice on my new build

It's time I upgraded I have a small budget but I want to game and do some screen recordings :o

Here are the parts I was thinking of using if you can see anything wrong or know of anything cheaper or better please let me know.

RAM not sure what one is the best here

I would like to use my geforce 9600GT with this build

I have all the other parts like sound card monitor ect

Any info very welcome

thanks in advance & btw I am from UK
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  1. Hello frog46;
    Screen recordings? Of what? Are you going to be doing any gaming?
    And how much less would you like to spend?
  2. Is this post of yours on the same topic? Sub £500 build
  3. Screen recordings of some fps games @ 1080P
    I would like to spend as little as I can but keep the same level of specs
    And sorry for double post
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