Is a high OC GTX 460 better than a GTX 285 ? And other questions...

Long story short, my brother's computer has a GTX 285 in it (factory oc).

I have a GTX 460 1GB that I could put in it, is this an upgrade ? The addition of DX11 is debatable, but would there be a performance increase, espescially if I can get the 460 up to 855/1865 speed. (which I can do)

I have scoured over a few benchmarks and not alot of them pit these cards against each other, so I want your opinions.

Also: I just grabbed two GTX 570's for SLI, what kind of fps increase do you expect coming from two highly clocked GTX 460's.

I am thinking 25-35%, but there are absolutely no GTX 570 SLI benchmarks out in any reviews (why?).

Thanks, Annisman.
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    OMG i am actually helping the forum God.

    Never saw that neat tool before, thanks man!
  2. ct1615 said:
    its more of a lateral move with the DX11 probably putting the GTX 460 over the top by a slim margin. In DX 10 games, I doubt your brother would notice any difference....doubt he would notice the DX 11 extras too

    Well he does play BFBC2 like non-stop (over 600 hours so far) So I am thinking the DX11 may help him more than others, there is performance to be had with DX11 right ? Not just eye candy I have heard.
  3. Sorry don't mean to triple post, but I ran the comparion of GTX 460SLI to GTX 480 SLI (GTX 570 SLI would be very similar to SLI 480) so I can see what kind of gains I will be looking at, could be more than what I thought:
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