Is my new gts 450 better than a 5 month old 460 gtx?

ok i had a hd 4850 1g, for christmas my mom got me a new card evga gts 450 01g-p3-1450-tr at a local computer store for $170. i looked around a little online about the gts 450 and people were saying to just get the gtx 460 for $20-$30 more, because its better for not much more money. i found a evga gtx 460 768-p3-1360-tr on newegg for $140 after rebate. the gts 450 was just released 2-3 weeks ago and the gtx 460 was 4 1/2 months ago. sooooo should i return the gts 450 and get the older gtx 460?
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  1. Here's a very good review (includes your current 4850 too):

    Although the 450 is much newer, it is just a scaled down 460. So yes, if for about the same price, a 460 would be a better deal.
  2. Here is a Tom's chart if it helps:

    CHART :)
  3. The rule of thumb for that chart is you want to move up 2 levels to see a big improvement. Though 1 level can be okay too (close inspection).

    Edit: this is wrong, see ct1615 below
  4. That would just be me forgetting the rule of thumb :lol:

    Though in my defense, I do think a GTX460 1GB (two tiers up) is a very good replacement for a 4850, especially when OC'ed.

    When I upgraded I did 4850 -> 5850/470, which was a superb improvement.

    My apologies for the error, it has been a long semester.
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