Please,what does the 3D vision glasses kit do

Hi ,
One of my parts for my computer just showed up and its the NVIDIA 3D VISION . It has the glasses and cables and this little triangle box with it .It also says to try starcraft 2 , is this a demo or the game and I guess im going to have to have a 3D Tv is that about right ? And can some one tell me what this 3D Vision glasses kit is for ? thanks I dont mean to sound so dumb .
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  1. 3d VISION glasses are used in conjunction with Nvidia 3d vision and a 3D capable display to show 3D images.

    You need 2 Nvidia GPU's in SLI and a 3D TV or monitor.

    In addition, you'll need to play games with 3D vision support. Anything not in the 3d vision ready category won't actually work well.
  2. will I have to buy another video card and just to make sure this one will work ??
    EVGA Super Clocked O1G-P3-1563-AR Geforse GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 256-Bit GDDR5
    PCI Express2.0x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
  3. To run 3d you will need a second GPU of the same type. IE a GTX 560, but not necessarily that same model, though they will have to be clocked at the same speeds.

    In addition, your mobo has to support SLI, have 2 PCIe 2.0 x8 or x16 slots and your GPU must be capable of powering everything.
  4. The SLI statement is false; SLI is NOT a requirement for Nvidia 3D vision. Anything newer than a 9800GT will satisfy nearly all of the requirements for 3D gaming (won't be fast though ;)).

    However, you'll need a 3D Monitor or TV, as previously mentioned, and that is really the expensive part. The Asus 3D monitor is great :D

    Many of the games rated as "Excellent" work very well, but obviously the 3D-ready games were programed for 3D vision.
  5. Sorry, swore I saw a 3d Vision surround there.

    Yea, 3D vision on single display works with 1 GPU. 3d Vision surround, requires SLI.
  6. OK then I will get a 3D monitor also I bought the asus p67 mobo and the intel core i5 2500 sandy bridge, 2x4GB g.skill ripjaw ,samsung spinpoint 1TB 7200 RPM hd, LG black blu-ray burner,Crucial 64GB sata 3 ssd, seagate barracuda 7200 1TB HD, corsair 850wpower supply,cooler master HAF full tower and the video card that I listed above so well I need another video card and is all that stuff going to work together ? I guess its a little late now but I am building another one for me
  7. Just to reiterate: SLI is only required for 3D Vision Surround (multiple 3D monitors). You only need 1 GPU for 3D Vision on one monitor.

    I don't know the specifics of all of your components, but it sounds like they'll work properly.
  8. But for the same price, you can get the Asus monitor that I have. Although it is a bit bigger and heavier, the quality of the monitor is amazing. I want to buy another pair for 3 monitor 3D surround, but that money would be better spent on a good LC system first...
  9. what is your monitor because I do want one bigger maybe even a TV monitor.
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