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Today I got a Sapphire hd6850 toxic. (Seems to be a great video card) I installed the drivers and it gave me some errors. The first error is "Other PCI Bridge Device" the second error is "SM Bus Controller". What are these errors and how do I get rid of them? Also I tried playing BFBC2 (Celebrated my new hd6850 with a new game ;) ), but sometimes when I join a match to whole whole screen is black except for some words. Also when I shoot I see a faint flash. Does this have to do with my video card drivers not installing correctly? :( I started Furmark to see if I could OC more, but it spazzed out and turned my screen tan! I started it without a OC from myself, juts the factory OC and I stopped the test because within three minutes the card hit temps of 84C! I heard this card was also supposed to quite, anything past 30% fan speed is audible. Did I get a bad card? Bad drivers, bad DVI port (DVI port in different post), VERY hot, and LOUD! :cry:
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  1. Open Device Manager and look if there are unknown devices with exclamation marks.
  2. I did. We fixed the ones that were bad, but it still says the drivers do not respond sometimes. :(
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