3 Monitors impossible in Australia???

Hi guys,

I'm in Australia and I have recently bought a brand new computer with 2x5870s each with 6 mini-display port outputs, and 3 monitors each with a DVI and VGA output.

I learned the hard way that I need to get an Active Mini-DisplayPort > DVI adapter to get 3 displays running.

The problem is, these adapters don't exist in this country, and even the top Australian computer distributors can't, or won't order them from overseas. I've found this list here of ATI certified adapters, but the ONLY website on the entire internet that I can find that will ship to Australia is Amazon.com.

I ordered one such adapter from Amazon, but it is now 2 weeks passed the estimated delivery date, and I have since read some horror stories about people here having to wait 6 months+ for packages to arrive from the USA to Australia delivered by Amazon.

However, I can purchase an ATI certified Active DisplayPort > DVI easily enough, so I have 2 questions...

1) If I purchased a Passive Mini-DP > DP adapter, and put that through an Active DP > DVI adapter, would that work?
It would look like this:
Graphics card Mini-DP Output --> Passive Mini-DP/DP Adapter --> Active DP/DVI Adapter --> Monitor DVI output

2) I am seriously considering purchasing an entirely new graphics card with 2 DVI and 1 DisplayPort output. But I am extremely cautious because many of the 5870s and 5970s I have looked at state that they have a DisplayPort output, but when you read the fine print in the specifications it is actually a Mini-DisplayPort, which puts me back to square one.
Are there any 5970s on the market that have a DisplayPort and not a Mini-DisplayPort?

Purchasing a displayport monitor is not an option, as, once again, they don't seem to exist in Australia. I'd have to order one from overseas. This is a real bad country to live in if you're a computer geek.

I have to say that I feel like I have been completely and totally conned by ATI. When I buy a graphics card that boasts an ability to run 6 monitors, I don't expect to have to spend 2 months+ trying to find a phantom adapter from overseas to get it to work.

I won't be buying ATI ever again after this experience, and I will go back to the good old nVidias. However, I'm stuck with my choice for now, and any help I could get would be much appreciated.

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  1. Problem solved.

    After 20+ hours searching the net, I've found two Australian companies that stock the Active Mini-DP > DVI adapters: Umart.com.au and Scorptech.com.au
  2. Just a note. Powercolor makes active mini displayport to dvi. They are small adapters, ATI certified for Eyefinity, and less than $30.00 USD. Scorptech may have them.
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