Where to sell my "new" CPU and Motherboard?

Hello, recently I planned on building a rig for some gaming and video editing. Half-way across the way I was instead told to take it apart to get a laptop. Since the retailer doesn't allow CPU and motherboard returns, I'm left with them. I have a AMD Phenom II X4 840 and a Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-US2H. They are in good condition (pretty much the same as when opened). I was wondering where I could sell it for a price a little less than it's original value and not get ripped off. Thanks.
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  1. craigslist.. local and cash dont accept anyone emailing u with paypal stuff..99% is fraud even if they offer more
  2. I have had success selling items on my local craigslist, but as nxstep warns... just beware of scammers.

    Even though they are new, unfortunately you won't get full market value for them. Before listing them for a set price I would suggest doing a bit of research for similar CPU's/motherboards and see what they are selling for. Based on that you should be able to set a price that is reasonable.

    If they are still boxed/unopened I would say you may be able to get 80% of what you paid, if they are opened probably a bit less than that.
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