Will 2 GTX 570's in SLI run on my current Antec PSU?

I'm about to upgrade my system. I wanted to use my old hard drive, case, and psu from my Core 2 Duo build and upgrade my motherboard, cpu, heatsink, ram, and gpu.

I was curious to whether two Nvidia Geforce GTX 570's would run on an Antec TPQ-850w psu.

The following is a link to the power supply:

The 570's take two 6 pin PCI connectors each. My psu only has two 8 pin and two 6 pin connectors. However, the 8 pin connectors seem to have the ability to detach two of their pins, and seemingly become 6 pin connectors (they aren't re-attachable, however). Therefore, it's probable that I could use my 8 pin connectors as 6 pin connectors, but I'm not too sure.

Anyone familiar with this psu? I don't want to fry these babies (570's) by trying to connect them to my psu without knowing if this is actually possible.

--------------My new parts would be----------------

ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard

Intel Core I7 950 Bloomfield

Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B CPU Cooler

Scythe SY1225SL12SH 120mm "Slipstream" Case Fan (two of these would be mounted on my cpu cooler)

Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3-1600

--------------My old parts would be--------------------

Antec TPQ-850w psu

Antec 900 case

Western Digital Cavier blue 640 gb sata HDD 7200rpm


I'm sorry if the following questions do not relate to my exact topic, but I felt it would be logical to tackle everything at once, given that all of my questions are inter-related to the main topic.

Would it be possible that two 570's in a mid size tower, such as my Antec 900, could create ambient temp problems? Should this be a concern?

Also, would it be possible to mount these gpu's one pci-e slot apart using my desired motherboard, so that I could avoid any ambient temp problems that may arise?

Lastly, if I had a 570 SLI setup in this system, would I still be able to use the aftermarket heatsink/fans on my cpu, or would I need even more psu power?

The key reason I would overclock would be to prevent the cpu from bottle necking the gpus. If the cpu wouldn't create this problem, I will likely ditch the aftermarket heatsink and fans for my cpu all together.

I'm primarily a gamer, so maxing out my cpu wouldn't be desirable unless there was a bottle neck.

Input would be awesome. Thanks guys.
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    1. Your PSU will provide more than enough power.

    2. You should have no problem fitting two 570's in your tower.

    3. Not sure about mounting them 1 space apart. But I wouldnt worry too much people mount them side by side all the time.

    4. Im assuming you mean aftermarket heatsink for your CPU, if so, you shouldn't
    run into any problems.

    Good luck with everything.
  2. I've been testing two 570s with a 650W Antec Earthwatts for a week now. After I got done with the single-GPU review, curiosity struck me. I've clocked everything down to stock voltages/speeds, but hey, in the two tests I briefly ran in the initial runs, scaling was exactly where it should have been (90-99%) despite the fat that I was comparing single GPU results with CPU @ 3.96ghz to SLI results @ 2.8/3.3 turbo.

    The more informative threads on this:

    If you Google GTX 570 SLI my discussion on this pepper the first page.
  3. Yes, that's more than enough to run dual GTX570. Don't worry about that. :)
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  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I got my rig up and running sometime during the week.

    Now, to find a good tutorial that I can use to overclock. :D
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