My Q8300 core2quad... badly needed an advise to overclock

a very good day to all !!!!!!!!!!
i have a question regarding my new swap cpu... i swap my core2duo 2.93ghz to core2quad 2.5ghz ... my question is... am i wrong?
my friend bought it.. and said i assemble his new pc.. coz he saw my rig in win7ulti.. and the price is.. to assemble and format his rig.... is to swap his proc to my proc. so i done it.. then i saw the difference when i put the quadcore q8300 into my rig... my play in nba 2k11 is not laggy at all... is that from the old processor difference my 2.93ghz core2duo? can i overclock it? the core2 quad 2.5 ghz q8300? need a little advice regarding bios setup so that my rig dont blow out!!

here is my rig...

cooler master hyper 212 plus cpu fan
cougar cmx 700watts 80plus bronze
gigabyte G41M-ES2L
Corsair 800fsb xms ddr2 4gb (2gbx2)
1tb seagate
inno3d GTS450 1GB not O.C.

and i have a problem also on my video card... that of my GTS450 ...its rpm only range at 1500-1578 only...
my last question is... how can i maximize the rpm of my iNNO3D GTS450 1GB NOT O.C.
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  2. Quote:
    i have a question regarding my new swap cpu... i swap my core2duo 2.93ghz to core2quad 2.5ghz ... my question is... am i wrong?

    Huh? You lost me here. What are you trying to figure out.

    By the way, you know those rules you said you would agree by when posting? They do state no bumping.
  3. just nid to config my processor to overclock .. badly need help
  4. We cant help you unless you have tried it yourself once you have tried it yourself and you feel you have run into any problems please come by and let us know.For now you havent actually specifically mentioned any problems.
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    The G41 chipset is an economy chipset with very limited overclocking capabilities. With a CPU with a 333 MHz FSB freq, you will be lucky to achieve a 10% overclock.

    This should be your first stop.
    Core2 Overclocking Guide

    Shadow's Gigabyte motherboard OC guide:
    It's for an EP35-DS3L but all the Gigabyte Core2 BIOS's are similar.

    For a G41 motherboard, set your memory multiplier to its lowest value, probably 2.0 or maybe 2.4. Push your FSB freq as far as you can. That will be around 350 - 360 MHz.

    With the stock heatsink, you will probably reach 70 C before you reach Intel's max recommended vcore of 1.45 volts.
  6. if i would like to change a mobo... what would be the best and fits my rig? no problems with the reformats... i backup already... do i nid to push the memory? is there any guarrante that my ram will not brake? =(
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