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BOOTMGR Missing Windows 7 Ultimate.

A friend of mine was trowing away his old pc (minus the ram and hdd that he kept for himself) So I offered to adopt it and try to make some good use of it. I found two 512mb sticks of ram so I threw them in there. Then I took my 3rd hdd (which was blank at one point in time and use solely for storage). Wiped everything from it then, using my main pc, installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. After the install was complete I was able to boot 7 off the third drive on my main pc. So I removed the drive changed it from slave to CS And connected it to the throw away pc. There is only one hdd and it has 7 installed on it. But when I turn on the pc it brings me to a black screen that says Missing BOOTMGR Pres CTRL, ALT, Delete to restart. So after checking some forums it says to insert the 7 recovery disk. When I do so it will bring me to a screen that says loading windows.. It will load fully then the screen flashes off then back on and it remains stuck on a black screen for as long as I will let it run.

A few things I'm wondering. Would it be easier if I was to do this with xp? As the old pc is not so new technology.

In a couple of weeks here I am doing some upgrades on my main pc which will include a new motherboard a new blank tb hdd and some new ram. Am I going to run in to the same problems?

When installing the os onto the blank drive am I supposed to do it from my main pc wihch is already running vista or do I install it from the second pc which needs the hdd and os in the first place?

The old pc has an IDE HD and A DVD drive. I have tried the HD set as master and CS and still have the same issues. And I'm not entirely sure because it isn't labeled but I think the DVD drive is on CS as well. What are the proper settings?

Does it matter that the HD isn't new and has been wiped?

Thanks in advance for the replies.
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  1. All I would recommend is to use f6 and try safe mode. Windows has a "system recovery" option in the security section under computer>system It will attempt to change windows to an earlier installation point. For more advice, please list your system specs including the motherboard/cpu/ram.
  2. I Got this CD that can make you boot into windows when that BOOTMGR is missing BUT im not giving it away lol... What you could do to solve it is by formatting when you dont have any option left...
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    This is because:
    1. You already had a working version of Windows on that machine, so it installed using the loader from the other OS. It will not be bootable by its self. If you reinstalled the same OS you already have installed once on that "main" machine, not only will this not work, it is illegal.
    2. You cannot move a Windows install from 1 PC to another and expect it to work, unless the hardware is almost identical, because it will load all the drivers and setup a configuration to work on the machine it is installed on, you move it to another PC, and the install is completely wrong for the other PC, as well the activation codes and licensing will be wrong, requiring re-activation before it will work even if you do get lucky enough to get it to boot into the OS.
    3. New or different machine, single license Windows disk, you need to do the install on that machine.
  4. So then what now? I already have windows installed on the drive from the main pc. Should i delete 7 off the other drive and wipe the drive then put it in the old pc with the install disk and boot up and install from there? Thanks
  5. Thanks guys I figured it out. I needed to wipe the drive using my main pc then movie it over to the 2nd pc and throw in the disk and went through the steps. The reason I kept blue screening is because I had two non matching sticks of ram. Noobish I know but Be sure to make sure the ram matches the pc value specified by mobo. Thanks again guys. I'm on my way to a new desktop. :)
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  7. Glad you got it going!
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