Help me figure out my restart problem

hello everyone, this is my first post here. i come to this forum becasue i just finished building my first desktop, i have played around with the components before but never have picked out everything and put it all together untill now. im not a total newbie to the computer world, and have a medium knowledge base id say.

my problem i am currently having is on friday when i got everything hooked up and booted it up and installed win.7 i had some issues installing it in the first place, but then solved that, and during the process and once win 7 was installed and doing the updates via internet, and after when the computer had to restart to complete updates it would restart but would get stuck at the mother board screen, only way to remedy this was to turn off via pwr button and then turn the pwr supply off then on again then it would work fine. me and my dad tried using different ram, and no success, then we used his hard drive, and sure enough it worked fine. so we eliminated that and pulled my hd and hooked it up to his pc and reformated it. after that was complete we went ahead and installed win 7 again and it worked and booted up and updated fine. a day later after installing various programs itunes etc. i noticed it got stuck at the mobo screen again. and did this a couple other random times throughout the weekend, and just last night and today i tried using auto tune6 to do the auto overclock thing, and it did its scanning process and once, it restart and got stuck at mobo, and the second time it just turned off, and i had to power it up, and i got the black screen stating windows shut down unexpectidly.

is my hard drive flawed? it was bought brand new.
here is the listing of my components

gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h mobo
amd x4 965 BE processor
patriot sector 5 g-series pc3-10666 13333mhz (2-4gb sticks)
corsair cx600 psu
wd caviar green 1tb (primary)
wd caviar green 2 tb (media only bought for my last gateway pc)
some oem sammy dvd drive
antec 600 case.

my dad has basically the same components only differences is, case, he has oem psu, upgraded gpu and different ram. cpu and mobo are the same and he had no problems when he built his 2 weekends ago.

so far i dont find the computer anything great or super fast i dont know if i did something wrong during install etc, i was previously using a gateway dx4831-01c

sorrry for the long description, but hopefully its enough information.
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  1. Make sure the cables are well plugged in the HDD and the mobo, both the power and the data cables. Try booting using only the system HDD plugged in, leave the data HDD out for now.
    Reset the BIOS to defaults, no OC for now.
    Make sure the HDD is seen in BIOS at booting devices order.
  2. I actually found the problem, it ended up being my DVD drive, got a new one and everythings running great. This can be closed
  3. cool, glad for you; enjoy your new system.
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