Ebaying my laptop

I'm most likely going to sell my used laptop on eBay for more money towards a new build. I want to clear out all of my files.

Is there a way to reformat Vista without a CD?


Also, how much do you think I could get for it? :bounce:

It's a prebuilt Asus G51vx Laptop in good condition
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 @ 2GHz
HDD: 320GB 7200 RPM
GPU: 1GB nVidia GTX 260M
Monitor: 15.6 inch LCD (1366x768) Display
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
Network: Integrated 10/100/1000 Network Card
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  1. About $500 starting
  2. Wipe the HDD and sell it with no OS, or better yet sell it without a hard drive.
  3. ^that is the safest way
  4. Really?

    My friend recently reformatted his without a disk. He said I should hold F11 when it's booting up and it clears the harddrive except for Windows.

    Edit: He has XP, would that make a difference?
  5. He's probably referring to a restore/recovery partition.

    This doesn't actual format the drive btw. Data's still all there.

    What's so hard about borrowing or just dling a win vista disk? It's not exactly difficult to find online. It's pretty stupid that companies don't ship PC's with windows cd even though you paid for a valid license.
  6. Really, a full format does not even get rid of your data. I like to use Darik's boot and nuke and use their DoD standard wipe if getting rid of a system, which is basically a 7 pass zero erase. In case you have sensitive data on it.
  7. I think CCleaner has a 35 pass drive wipe, in tools->drive wiper->security->gutmann (35 pass)
  8. Also depending on your price I may be interested. Feel free to PM me what you want for it lol.
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