Is the Lian Li PC-7B plus II Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower good?


I want to build a computer soon and I was wondering if the Lian LI PC-7B plus II Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower will be a good case.

For my build, I'm going to be using a 5850 and 2500k that is slightly overclocked. Will the Lian-Li provide adequate cooling for my hardware? If not do you have any suggestions to cases that are similar to it as in looks. I don't want a super flashy case.


The case is featured here
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  1. 405 reviews and 5eggs ... Id say its pretty good. Might want to read the tech levels of the reviewers and what theyve said about it but specs wise it looks ok. Its got your standard expansion slots and bays for a mid tower but with 2 120mm fans in it. Might be a bit tight for big video cards and/or psus (the corsair 1000w one comes to mind) but if youre buying a mid tower you take that risk.

    [edit] the 5850 is 9.5" long so worst case scenario you'll have to not use the bottom hd cage top slot

  2. Lian-Li is an amazing brand - top quality and a lot of customizable accessories.

    The 7-FN is 1 inch taller and might be a better option. Also, the HD cage can be rotated sideways which might give you an extra 0.5" space or so.

    As long as CPU fans are not too massive, they should fit just fine inside the case.

    I am really blown away by the quality of these cases, the sleek brushed aluminum ( = lightweight too!) is a great bonus.
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