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So I set up my board, got everything plugged in and working. But the only thing that doesn't seem to be working is my audio. I plugged the cable "HD Audio" into the "hd audio 1" slot onto the motherboard and I have no sound. The weird thing is windows shows the signals showing the green bar going up and down, signifying that the audio is playing, yet there is no sound. I noticed that I have two types to plug in the AC97 and the HD Audio. I'm wondering why the HD audio one won't work. I haven't tried AC97 though. Sorry if this is confusing...
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  1. It could be an issue with your output device... what do you have plugged into audio ports? And can you tell that the driver for the audio is properly installed (check device manager)?
  2. Yup the driver is properly installed. Is onboard audio suppose to work without plugging in any extras into the motherboard? I got the front panel audio to work, plugging my green cable into the microphone slot, but the back audio still isn't working. I have a 5.1 surround system by logitech plugged in.
  3. Trying out the other ports, they seem to work. The ones that don't work is the black and orange ones. If I plug the single orange one in, I can get audio. But If I plug them all in, I don't get the 5.1 surround sound.
  4. The green cable is the output, and should be plugged into the green or black slots, depending on the board. I would look at your motherboard manual to make sure you have the correct audio ports plugged in. Then, you may have to go to your audio properties/audio manager and set it to 5.1, as opposed to stereo.
  5. Okay. Did that. All the speakers in the sound options work now. But whenever I play music, or a video, only the two rear speakers work. It's only recognizing whichever cable I plug in. It won't detect all 3 at once..
  6. Okay, now If i enable matrix mode, all speakers work. But that ruins 5.1.... I never had to enable matrix on my old board either... Weird. Anything I can do?
  7. Have you done the surround sound test with your audio properties/audio manager? If not, run that and make sure that it corresponds with the location of your speakers. (it should go through each speaker and test it, and show the position as it tests it).
  8. Yup, I did that. They all work fine. But once I leave that it won't work unless I click the button to enable Matrix mode on my speaker system. So that defeats the purpose of my 5.1 really. Kinda weird that they all work in the test mode, but once I leave only two will operate.
  9. You may want to also make sure that your audio settings in Windows for speakers are set to 5.1 (right click on the audio icon and go to properties, then advanced for speakers) and for your audio manager. In my experience, I have been able to set both differently and it can cause issues.

    Is it also possible that whatever you're playing only outputs to 2 channels?
  10. Well on my old board, everything I listened to output to all of my speakers. So I'm not sure if its that. I tried what you said and everythings fine, but it still only outputs to the rear left/right speakers unless I click on "speaker fill" in options and then it lets me use the rears and the center. But the two other ones still don't work.

    I noticed that when I plug them into the onboard audio, that I can plug any one of the plugs in and whichever I plug in the speakers corresponding to that plug will work. Which means that its not detecting all 3 plugs at once, but a single one. Whichever is in the output slot.
  11. Hm, audio is always confusing! Did you use the driver off of the disc, out on a limb hear but perhaps there is a more updated driver on the manufacturer's website?
  12. Theres a new version. I'll try it out and reply after it's installed. Hopefully thats it.
  13. I updated it. It's weird because Windows sound detects all speakers when set up with 5.1, and so the the VIA control center. But any music, anything played on the web. Any movies. Only detect two... Rather weird problem...
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    Check this post: a bit further down there seems to be a couple of solutions:

    This is for realtek though, but perhaps some of the solutions may be similar :[. I've tried doing some research for you but I've had a hard time coming up with anything for VIA.
  15. hey, I looked through that and sadly nothing will work for me as this board has a built in VIA soundchip.. I'm unsure of what else to do.
  16. Actually. I got them all working now. By installing AC3 filter, and enabling speaker fill in environment settings. They all play perfectly now. I'm unsure if this will effect 5.1 in the end, but I don't care. I really appreciate all your help digital.

    Thank you.

    for people who may come across this thread.
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