Need some help with a need build

hi there my old q6600 rig is getting a bit dated now and i am considering a new build but not to sure on the components i have about £400-600 to spend. and want a mid to high end gaming rig i already own the case (coolermaster 690 II) and power supply (OCZ 750w) the gpus are optional for the time being (currentally have 2 4850 in cf they are doing the job).

so the main build will include a cpu (amd or intel not to bothered), motherboard (has to support crossfire), ram(>4gb), possibley ssd (if its worth it) and maybe a gpu or two ;)

thanks for the help
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  1. Hello POHLY;

    Can you fill out the FAQ form for new builds for us? Thanks.
    *How To Ask For New Build Advice*
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