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Really Weird Network.

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December 22, 2004 2:36:02 AM

Okay i have a windows xp sp1 [note sig] and a win98se computer on a network [trying to get my other computer another win98se comp on the network but i will ask about that later]. linksys 4 port router and a dsl modem.

Okay the problem is as follows: i am on my computer a bit [or a lot as you percieve it] and the other computer is not on as much. but every once and a while, id say about 3 times a day or so depending on what i do, the other computer randomly turns on out of the blue. it turned on before i decided to post this. i can turn it off but it will turn on again later. this is a very weird problem and i have no idea why the computer would randomly turn on. its specs are:

AMD 2600+
MSI mobo [forget number]
512 mb pc2100 ram
120gb hd
250 watt psu
cd + cdrw drives
and a floppy.

okay on to the problem i adressed earlier [trying to get a third computer onto the network]

My father and i tried to route an ethernet cable up from our basement through a wall and into a ethernet socket in the wall where we could connect it to another cord to the router. we wired it and crimped it and it looks fine. somehow it will not work tho. i doubt that the wiring is wrong because i occasionally see the green led for the spot on my router blink but it will stop after that. we also tried connecting it directly to the router, same problem. this computer was directly next to the router before i got my new computer and it worked fine. Any ideas. i know i need to update my os's on the two 98 machines [one is really an xp pc but i had to use the cd key because i didnt have an extra one to use]

the basement comp is an
athlon 750mhz [dont know much else about it]
some mobo
some memory
cd rw + cd burner
really poor power supply
10 gb hd
[sorry i dont know much about it]

any insight or solution to either problem would be very good, thank you


A64 3500+ / K8N Neo2 Plat / BBA 9600pro / 2x512mb HyperX ddr500 / Audigy LS / Samsung 120gb

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December 24, 2004 11:31:10 PM

For the first problem look at the bios and see if there are any startup events chosen in the power settings.
As for the second problem. When you hold the plug with the connectors facing upwards is the pattern orange white, orange, green white, blue, blue white, green, brown white, brown on both ends. Check and double check that both ends are EXACTLY the same. Also look at the end of the head and make sure all of the wires are visibly making contact with the little tabs in the head.
How long is the length of cable? The theretical max lenghth of 10/100 cat5e is about 100 meters.

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