Need Help, Non of my windows[es] can start!

Hello All,
I am a fan , reader of your website for couple of years.
But I never had problem before but now.
So I am a new comer and this is my first thread, Sorry if this is the wrong place.

Please help me.
When I try to start my PC (which has both windows XP and windows 7) they kinda stuck
at start up,

Please help me find the problem,
These are the things that I tried so far:

- Try Using windows 7 recovery = Unsuccessful, (After restart it stuck in windows logo again)
- Try to load from system restore point in Win 7 = Unsuccessful, It detect the restore point and load it but again after restart it stuck again.
- Try to Load Win XP in Safe Mode = Successful, But again in normal mode Unsuccessful.

- I tried to load default values for my main board (in case is i used hi VGA or CPU turbo boost or something)
- I tried to disconnect extra devices which use USB ports,
- I try to dis connect my extra fans (in my case) to avoid over voltage usage
- I check my CPU fan and its working.

My Main board is Asus X48 DQ6, VGA 9800GX2, CPU dual core 9300 or something, 2 GB of ram,
This system was working fine for more than two years with high end graphics and I never had problem with it till now.

I hope I dont have hardware problems.

any idea will be welcome... I am waiting :P
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  1. You haven't really described the fault. Just what you have done so far....

    You start up the computer and they kinda stuck at startup?

    Is there any particular error message..?
    Does the Computer restart when it does this?
    Does the Computer shut down when you do this?
    Any recently installed applications?
    And recently added hardware?
    Is this a custom build?
    Was windows 7 registered/updated?
    Do you have internet security, and is it up to date?

    Tell us more and we may be able to assist you.
  2. Hi , thanks for reply,
    Here are more detail requested:

    when I start computer, it load until windows logo, and then nothing happens, no error message or anything.

    computer do not restart, it only restart when I wanted to do restore, or recovery, which i think means that the restore was successful, that's why after it restore it it automatically restart,

    as far as I know no recently installed software, Just some games and regular updates.

    no custom built

    windows is up to date.

    i have MS Sec Essentials.

    my first question is, is it maybe due to VGA problem? maybe it become too hot. i dont know if vga has problem until when
    the system can load. or hard drive bad sectors or something

    and why both windows cannot start? with my win xp i rarely use it and i am sure i did not install new softwares there.
    I just was couple of weeks out and after i came back i saw this issue,

    thanks a lot again
  3. If both OSes do not boot, looks like hardware. Try different RAM, could be a hard-drive issue, maybe power supply.
  4. When you try to boot are you asked which OS you want to use? Have you tried a system repair of the install disk? Is it correct that you: Can not load either from start up; you can load XP in Safe Mode; you can not load Win 7 in safe mode?
  5. Hi, thanks for comments
    Here are some updates:

    - I am able to boot in Safe Mode in both XP and 7.
    - I am able to select system repair and/or system restore, they do fine, but again after restart the system (when system boots with new configuration from restore or repair) again it stuck at windows logo screen.
    I have these questions:

    1. If it is a hardware problem (Harddisk, VGA, RAM, Power Supply) how can I boot in safe mod?
    2. Is it possible that the problem comes from Drivers? VGA, Sound, etc?
    3. If it is due to lack of power supply (which i doubt) system in safe mode draws less power than normal?
  6. Last update:

    - I uninstalled VGA, sound drivers and non essential programs in safe mode. Then I restart, Windows 7 successfully load in normal mode.
    - After windows 7 automatically detect my VGA driver and restart again, I had same problem, windows stuck at logon screen.

    What may be the problem?
  7. When in safe mode can you also be safe mode with networking? There is a safe mode option for selective start. You might try one driver at a time to identify the conflict. Once you do however it may turn out to be that the driver associated piece of hardware is defective. Can you select a restore point far enough back to be confirmed as when the system was working. The one thing pointing to hardware is that neither OS boots in normal start up. The two OS use entirely different driver sets. Can you check you bios to be sure all the correct devices are turned on? In the end, you may have a broken MB.
  8. Have you tried different RAM at least? New hard-drive?
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