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Hey everyone, I haven't built a computer yet. I'll be doing that in the future. I purchased this HP p6320f about a year back and wish to change the case on it. I'll need a bigger case for a good GPU too.

Would a NZXT Guardian Black SECC Steel Chassis ATX Mid Tower Case 921RB-BL case be good? Will those 3 120mm standard fans connect to my motherboard? What if I wanted to add a 140mm at the top? I appreciate your advice.

This is my mobo info --- Pegatron
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  1. I would also like to add that I'm wanting to move my current parts into a nice case. I like this case, it has plenty of airflow. I like the price as well. Does my current power supply fit in for all this? 300 watt power supply, will that be plenty for adding more fans?
  2. Is anyone going to give me a reply? I would much appreciate one soon..
  3. you have one system fan connector on your motherboard the rest has to be connected by your psu.
  4. Alright, can you kindly give me a link to the part I will need? So I can know what to order and what it looks like please?
  5. which part?
    Mobo or psu fan connector?
  6. Fan connector for the other 2, possibly 3 fans that will total (4 max) to connect and give them juice :)
  7. And yes you can add a 14mm fan at the top of Nzxt guardian
  8. Alright good. I'll be waiting for the part and all. Take your time :). Would you say 4 fans is plenty to have? As good as cooling can get by fans?
  9. fans often have 4 molex connectors that go with them or the 3 pin pc fan connector.Make sure that your psu comes with at least 3 molex connector and 1 3 pin system fan connector.Or 4 molex connectors.
  10. Most people including myself use the psu's molex connectors for case fans.
    You can daisy chain multiple case fans on a single molex lead.
  11. Alright, thank you for your help Zulf and Dav <3
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