Mobo Problem?

Just bought installed a new psu after an old one blew out and now getting no video and computer not posting. Cpu cooler in spinning also fan on gpu is spinning. Have tried booting with only 1 ram stick in each slot. Made sure speaker header is in. Tried running without any ram sticks or hdd and still no post beeps. When i push the power button its a green light, which before would be blue, so i have no clue what that means and case manual had nothing on that. Running out of ideas and have read sticky so kind of lost right now. Any help would be appreciated.

Mobo: xfx nforce 630I
Cpu: Q6600
Gpu: Radeon HD4650
Psu: Corsair cx500
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  1. Try removing the graphics card and reboot, using only the CPU and PSU plugged in, no memory attached. See breadboarding on this forum for further steps.
  2. Can you find any information on why the power light changed? Are there any bad capacitors on the board?

    My EVGA 750i is doing the same kind of thing, and I haven't figured out the issue either.
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