No picture with new gpu

bought a new graphics card today to replace my aging 8800gt its a Powercolor Radeon HD6850 however when booting up its not getting a picture on the monitor it stays in standby..although the keyboard light comes on and dvd drive flickers so i think it is booting up..i'm not sure because i don't have a motherboard speaker so i cant hear the post beep.

i tried 2 monitors and dvi and hdmi connectors..same problem on both monitors/cables.

any ideas?

these are my specs with the old gpu

OS MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz
RAM 4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 399MHz (5-5-5-18)
MONITOR VX2260WM @ 1920x1080
GPU NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1) (BFG Tech)
MOBO ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5N-E SLI (Socket 775) (nforce 650i sli chipset)
PSU Corsair HX650w
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    [a].Step 1- Make sure u got rid of all drivers from Nvidia card before insatalling ur new ATI card..Download Driver Sweeper then before removing your Nvidia card uninstall its driver using the official uninstaller of your driver then reboot ur pc in safe mode by pressing F8 during post.Now run driver sweeper and delete all nvidia leftovers.Now remove ur nvidia card and install ur ATI card.FOLLOW SAME PROCESS IF UR NEW CARD IS NVIDIA AND OLD IS ATI. .Step 2.- Connect both power connector to your gpu from your power supply in case u forgot. [c]. Step 3. update your Motherboard bios to latest. [d].Step 4. Make sure your power supply is branded and providing enough power to ur card. [e] Step 5. Reseat ur card in mobo.If ur Mobo support dual gpu then install it in different slot

    done all this and same problem thing i noted is the description for the latest bios update from 11/2009 says "Fix it takes long time to show up on screen with certain AMD graphic card when booting up the system." so im guessing there is probably some incompatibility with amd gpus and this board which is an nforce 650i chipset.
  2. oh i tried fitting the gpu into the second pci-e slot but due to it using 2 expansion slots it wont fit because the sata interface is in the way.
  3. Well if its like my XFX HD6850 only 1 of the DVI slots can send a analog signal for a vga
    LCD and you need all 24pins for the DVI to VGA converter to work......idk if that helps but yeah I recently upgraded to 3x 20'' LED LCD Asus screens using all DVI connectors for eyefinity.

    It cant be the PSU you got a corsair 650watt PSU that's more than enough to run a HD6850
  4. i dont think its a bad card or faulty psu reading on other forums this motherboard is pci-e version 1.1/1.0 (not sure which) and doesnt have a bios update to make it compatible with pci-e 2.1 gpu's
  5. Quote:

    it's not that its rare..a 2.1 card has some issues with a 1.0 mobo but a 2.0 card will work.
  6. Quote:
    contradiction..... lol
    i said rare and you say some issues....

    issues that aren't rare lol..there are lots of people talking about 2.1 cards not being recognised in a 1.0 motherboard. what i'm saying is there are some motherboards that the manufacturer made a bios update for this configuration to work.
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