GPU's and dual monitor set-up

How can I tell if a GPU supports a dual monitor set-up? If it has 2x DVI ports?

Also regarding a dual-monitor set-up, say I'm playing two games on both the monitors, is the GPU's "power" split into 50% each? Or would it be like running two programs on one monitor at the same time.

Is 6gb Of ram efficient for a dual monitor set-up and would I need a higher power supply because im running 2x monitors?

Can dual-monitors work with crossfired/SLI gpu's? If so, do I connect the monitor cord to only one of the cards or one each card?
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  1. All modern graphics cards will support dual monitors. So, if you have two connects in the card, just plug in the monitors and you'll be set.

    You won't be able to play two games at once on each monitor. Why? Well you won't be able to play two games at once :). But seriously, if you play full screen mode, the game will load in your default (main) monitor and if you click off screen on the other monitor, it will either minimize your game or not do anything (not let you move off screen).

    You won't need a higher power supply. 6GB of RAM is plenty.

    As for crossfire/SLI, you can use dual monitors, I don't believe you need to connect a monitor to each one, but maybe someone knows if that is better to do.

    Basically, dual monitor won't affect your graphics card really. Only gaming and video editing really tax your card, everything else won't use much GPU at all. In gaming, you won't be negatively affected by dual monitor because the other one won't really be doing anything except showing a desktop background.
  2. Thanks explained a bunch for me, just had a few more questions.

    I play WoW and heroes of newerth, and I'd like to play wow while watching replays of heroes of newerth(which you can only watch in game to control the camera). Is there anyway to configure it so I can play wow full screen, and have a windowed game on the other screen?

    Also, when im in fullscreen, can I set a hotkey that I can hold so that my mouse drags to the other screen to access my browser?
  3. Go into the HoN graphics menu and see if you can play it in windowed mode. You still might not be able to load both games at the same time, this all depends on the dll files they used and services (for example, I couldn't open Empire Total War with StarCraft 2).

    As for the mouse dragging, I don't know if you can do that, I doubt it though. Some games will not allow your mouse to leave the fullscreen area, in that case you won't be able to. Other games (for example War Hammer: Dawn of War II) don't restrict the mouse, so you can move it to the other screen, but you cannot click things without it minimizing (which is very annoying).
  4. So If im playing full screen WoW, I'd have to alt tab out to go to the second screen to view the browser for a quest etc? That defeats the purpose of a dual screen : /.
  5. You can see the information that is on the screen of the dual monitor, but you won't be able to click links and things like that.

    So, what I do if have the page open to what I need to see. You could also just play WoW in windowed mode, then you can do exactly what you want. See if WoW has that option in the graphics menu.
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