Please tell me if my new CPU supports 1600x900 display

Hi All,

I'm planning to upgrade my CPU to I3 processor and Intel Motherboard. I already have a DELL 2020M LED monitor which has a max resolution 1600x900. However, I'm not sure if the new Intel motherboard will support this resolution. Problem with my old CPU was that, when I try to change the resolution using the display properties, I'm not getting an option for 1600x900. And hence the display looks like stretched and fonts are not clear. I really do not want this to happen after i upgrade my CPU. Currently, I do not have plan to buy a graphics card. I would like to know if there a Intel motherboard for I3 that supports this resolution. When I checked in the Intel website, they haven't specified anything about this resolution. But they specified the max resolution which is higher than 1600x900.

I'm planning to by assemble a new PC with below specs.

Intel I3 + H55 Chipset
20'' monitor
Logitech wireless Mice Keyboard combo

Please advice
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  1. Thanks Dipankar.
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