Dell Studio 540 PSU Upgrade

Hey guys, I am looking to upgrade the PSU in my Dell Studio 540 so I can run my Geforce 9500's in SLI.
Here are the specs:
Dell Studio 540
Pentium Dual Core CPU ES400 @ 2.70 GHZ
4GB of ram
Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT
350 Watt PSU

I was looking about using this PSU for it:
Do you guys know if this would fit in my case and work?

Also, I am looking to upgrade my CPU eventually, will this support a CPU upgrade? Does the motherboard even support a CPU upgrade?

Thanks for the help guys!

PS: I know Geforce 9500 GT's in SLI aren't very good, but I have two lying around so I though I might as well put them to use.
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  1. You don't have an SLI capable board, and wouldn't need more power if you did.
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