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Should i up the CPU speed to prevent bottlenecking?

I have a build with a I7 960 cpu with 6 sticks of ram at 1600mhz. My question is to prevent bottlenecking should i up the cpu to compisate for the ram? LGA 1366 Platform on Asus Sabertooth w/ 2 Gtx 560ti video card in SLI.
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  1. How have you determined that you have a bottlenecking issue? Of course, OCing the CPU can help. Just go slow in your bumps in speed to maintain max stability. Stability trumps speed, remember that.
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    Your i7-960 is absolutely not bottlenecking any GPU's especially not SLI GTX 560's. See ->,2910.html it'll make you feel better ;)

    However, yes you want on LGA 1366 3x4GB or 6x2GB of RAM and DDR3-1600 is very stable on that platform. Especially if the game(s) is/are 64-bit; see ->,2778-8.html note the bottom.
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