AMD Phenom ii x4 955 temperature problems

Hey all, first post here, so give me some room.

Recently upgraded my PC to an AMD phenom ii x4 955 @ 3.2ghz. I am currently using the Artic cooler pro 7 rev.2, and im getting temps of 36c at idle, and up to 59c on full load, should I be worried? Im using the Elite 330 case, with a artic tricool 120mm at the back pushing air, and another artic tricool at the front pulling air. These tests have been done with the case open anyway so I would hate to see the results with the case sealed. Anyone have any ideas? :??:

Thanks guys, it meens alot.
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  1. Hey all, managed to drop temperatures to 48c load by lowering the voltages, thanks to this page:,2453-6.html
  2. i didnt know stock voltages could were that high.Try to stress test that pc.I am a bit afraid it might not be stable.
  3. Hi, i dont understand your question (Grammer error, im not being funny or anything like that). Im currently running Prime95 as we speak and have bee for 20 minutes. Voltage is at 1.216 and ive just overclocked it to 3.4ghz. Hitting 51c atm.
  4. Sorry for double post, this is important, its the first time overclocking, are these settings ok? Not damaging anything or something like that?
  5. settings differ from one cpu to another and overclockability also depends on how good the die was when it was manufactured.
    Could you try OCCT?
    I like OCCT better its like doing prime for 24 hours.
  6. I will try it out now, thanks and ill get back to you.
  7. For me one hour of occt is like doing prime for 24 hours.Some will disagree but i like occt better.
  8. IVe never used it before, ill do one hour, test mode is large data set? Priority is high? What do you recommend, thanks!
  9. Use auto recommended first.
  10. Ive just dived right in and did everything to max, defo stressing my pc, google chrome is even struggling! But im still at 50c, only been 5 minutes though.
  11. Good.See i told you you would like it.LOL!
  12. Ha ha! Yea, it got to the stage where things went a little dippy, so ive stopped it and gone for a 1h auto test instead. Finally seeing my temps at 50c load has made me so happy, its horrible spending £200+ on new parts and then it not going to plan, ughh!
  13. if you want to really stress your pc then use intel linpack.Its like OCCT at max settings with an extra 10c added to your cpu temps.
  14. Be warned using intel linpack is really stressful.Its what the testers use when they want their cpu to pass quality tests.
  15. I think ill stick to OCCT, i dont think i need to go any higher than OCCT, as i doubt games will. As long as the system is stable, im happy. Tommorrow ill be buying another artic tricool, lovely and silent fans
  16. Just finished the 1 hour cpu stress on OCCT, max temp was 52c running at 3.4ghz. Im happy with these results, although im open to suggestions on how to improve with my current hardware.
  17. Well if everything is fine i suggest you go and update gpu if you play games and also update passive air cooling.
  18. Yea im planning on the HD5750 by XFX and looking to get some more fans tommorrow.
  19. I would also consider a better CPU cooler, the Be Quiet Dark Rock PRO or Advanced works very well on AMD CPUs.

    BeQuiet Dark Rock Advanced CPU Cooler (Socket LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366, AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / 754 / 939 / 940)

    BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro CPU Cooler (Socket LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366, AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / 754 / 939 / 940)

    And dont forget to set up those system fans in a proper push pull configuration, so pulling cool air in the front of the case, pushing hot air out of the rear and or top of the case. Also Dust filters use them always.
  20. I have the Dark Rock Pro on my AMD 1090t X6, which is OCd to 4 ghz, and the load temps never exceed 44C even running prime for 12 hours.
  21. OK, keep adding things, sorry last post, of course all the above is dependant on a Good Case with Good Airflow, and mine is all built into an Antec1200 v3, so a better Airflow case might also be another good upgrade option for you.
  22. Hey uther, thanks for the recomendations, ive just setup a antrec tricool 120mm in the front of my case pushing air, and there is another antec tricool at the rear pulling air. I also have another coolermaster fan on the side pulling air out. Im keeping my case, as i dont really want to spend any more money, but I will be looking at purchasing a new XFX 5750 graphics card in the next few weeks/months. Im thinking that im going to have to upgrade my PSU when I do that too, so ill most likely go for a corsair 500w (Non-modular), would this PSU power my setup if I did go for it? thanks
  23. Cover yourself and spend the extra $10 on a corsair 650watt, as although 500 will do the job a 650 will ensure you are future proof for quite some time.
  24. Ok thanks ill bear that in mind
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