Need new powersupply

I need a new powersupply as my OCZ 900watt died on me for no apparent reason and I can't figure out where I bought it to maybe RMA it. I need some recommendations... Something to last a little longer I hope
AMD 9950 Black Edition
Thermaltake Bigwater 760is
Asus Crosshair Motherboard
GTX 280 Hydro Cooled
Trendnet TEW-623pi wireless-N card 300mbps
3 HDDs: 1 TB western digital 7200RPM, 500 GB western digital 7200RPM, 200 GB western digital 7200RPM
5 case fans

Both the CPU and the GTX 280 are water cooled by the thermaltake 760is and I do plan to overclock to at least 3ghz, 3.2ghz would be great, but I never tried due to instability with the powersupply and had to go back to stock clock after so long, and also take into account the GTX 280 if I choose to push a little more also.

Thank You
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  1. How much of a budget do you have..? A good 650 watter is enough for your needs.. And here's one excellent option at a bargain price -

    If you however have a bigger budget and/or need something more beefier which can hold your future needs as well (multiple GPU's, more powerful CPU with higher overclocks etc.), consider the following -
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