AMD or INTEL ? which is better for gaming ?

Hey guys im just wondering what is better for my gaming pc .. AMD or INTEL ?
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  1. Depends on your budget.. Intel has been leading in this department (more or less in every department for that matter) for quite sometime now and the new Sandy Bridge line is plain awesome.. But they do come at a price premium over their AMD counterparts.. So if you have a good budget and considering the same video card for both the builds, its quite easy to recommend Intel over AMD currently..
  2. i5 2500k! Best budget gaming cpu of 2011!
  3. intel from the 2400 and up.
  4. Budget please!
  5. an amd quad core such as the 955 or 965 would be perfect for gaming on a budget + the motherboards are better specced & cheaper. ddr3 is cheap too

    spend the cash saved on a decent psu & graphics card like the gtx 460 or 560ti
  6. currently intel, but if you are on a very low budget, than amd may be the better choice.
  7. if you are low on budget then amd will provide u with good performance otherwise Intel is the boss.. know
  8. Go for intel or die trying!
  9. I would suggest AMD as they are a lot cheaper and for the performance difference between similar chips is not worth the extra money.
    It would be wise (especially for gaming) to save the money and spend it on a good graphics card as there are more important in gaming :)
    This is just my opinion though.
  10. Intel based PC's will benchmark faster, but AMD is fast "enough". Today's hardware has advanced to the point that just about any mid range desktop PC, dual, triple, quad (really no reason not to get a quad) core CPU, a good power supply and mid to high end GPU will run any game out there excellently. One of the main considerations you should look at is the size of monitor, and the resolution you will be gaming at, and buy a video card that fits your need for that. Put the bulk of your money into the PSU and the GPU for gaming. You can put together a quite capable gaming machine on a shoe string budget using AMD.
  11. That entirely depends on the money you are willing to spend. Within given priceranges, which brand has the better processor for gaming varies. If you have no budget, the i7 2600k by intel is the current most powerful CPU for gaming. I highly recommend you forget about brand and focus on "Which CPU is the best performing gaming CPU for my pricerange?" Tom's does and article on "Best gaming CPU for the $" each month and I, for the most part, agree with their assessment.

    That said, in my opinion, the following are the best gaming CPUs within their given priceranges. Note that I didn't research much into current prices but generally the prices for each of these CPUs you find are worth it. I may also have left a few worthwhile CPUs out:
    Athlon IIx2 3.0-3.2GHz
    Athlon IIx3 2.9-3.1GHz
    Athlon IIx4 2.9-3.0GHz
    i3 2100
    Phenom IIx4 955
    i5 2300
    i5 2500k

    So as I said before, your budget is one of the most important variables ($budget) in determining your CPU. The other big variable is the video card you are using or intend to use ($VGA) and other, more minor variables are the screen resolution, games that will be played, if you plan to keep this CPU through a second video card upgrade and if there is a specific place of purchase ($rez, $games, $VGAup, $plocation).
    So if you would like more specific help from us, please reassign the following variables:

    budget = "$200"
    VGA = "Radeon 6950 1GB"
    rez = "1920x1080"
    games = "modern and upcoming games"
    VGAup = "yes"
    plocation = ""

    So for example, in the above case, with prices from, I would recommend an i5 2500k if you can find it on sale or are willing to pay the extra $20 over budget, the i5 2400 if you never intend to overclock, and the phenom IIx4 965 if you want to leave some room for taxes and shipping.

    Personally, I overclock. If I were building a gaming system right now for myself, I would choose either an Athlon IIx3, Phenom II x4 955 or a core i5 2500k depending on the money I had to spend and the video card.
  12. Intel is better for gaming if you have the budget.

    Otherwise go with AMD.
  13. Quote:
    my pc spec:

    amd phenom II x4 955 4.0ghz
    4gb ddr3 geil black dragon 1600mhz cas 7-8-7-24
    msi 790fx-gd70 motherboard
    corsair 650tx psu
    gainward gtx 480

    ok heres the games i have tested: all were running at native 1920x1080 60hz

    resident evil 5: dx10 16xqaa 108.7fps

    battlefield bad company 2: dx11 max settings hbao off 32xcsaa 45-130fps

    call of duty black ops: dx9 max settings shader warming on 16xaa 50-120fps

    crysis: 32-bit dx10 max settings 8xaa 28-45 fps

    supreme commander 2: dx9 85-90 fps

    There is of course nothing wrong with AMD cpus, it can run any games as smooth as butter but when you compared Intel cpus then i believe there is no comparison..
  14. go for cpu+gpu that compliments each other. Most of the games are customized well for Intel Cpus so taking Intel route will benefit in long run as Intel's SnB beats hands down in single threaded application and multi threaded. AMD does have core counts but the apps are not optimised to use more than 3 cores so they need to get their cpus have better threaded performance.
  15. For the sensible gamer or the majority of people who work for a living. Amd is better leveraged since the cheaper amd cpu price and components such as mother board and such will allow you to buy a better gfx card. Plus for the mid range, amd cpu's overclock higher. Sandy bridge is good for doing scientific work, or perhaps cad work, or 3d animation where the higher calculation numbers pay off. But alot of this is done by the 3d cards these days so that argument has lost its clout somewhat. So unless you have a very narrow application such as scientific work, or excel number crunching, AMD is gives you much more value for your money. Alot of the games are 3d dependent so you'll be losing alot of gfx eyecandy and pleasure if your forced to buy a cheaper card due to higher intel cpu and motherboard expenses. You can buy poo poo cheap intel motherboards but thats no good especially if you want to overclock. Gaming requires alot more power now so psu is more important, and thats where AMD efficiency advantage leverages it very high. Even though technically speaking intel cpu's are higher in manufcaturing technology, who really cares, gamers ,want high fps and pretty visuals and high efficiency since they want to fry their systems and since OC'ing is more common. Of course if you want bragging rights with the most expensive system go for intel which is more powerful. But do the dividing of computation work compared to the 1990's cpu does everything, you can get 80% of performance of the fast intel chip for about 1/4 the price with AMD(6 core 1090), when you only count cpu. When you count gpu and the trend that gpu will be more involved with applications, AMD actually beats out the intel solution when you count performance per dollar. And thats with current technology
  16. "You can buy poo poo cheap intel motherboards but thats no good especially if you want to overclock."

    The 'problem' with choosing AMD for it's 'overclockability' is that a non-overlocked i5-2400 or 2300 with $85 H67 mb still bests all X4 Phenom II BE cpus even when the latter are OC'd to near 4 GHz....
  17. A better video card is better for gaming.

    (And games are not 'customized' for Intel CPUs)

    A PhII 955 or i3-2100 will be fine. As mal noted if you go with AMD be sure to snag a motherboard that will support a future upgrade to BD.
  18. well heres my computer build im getting now ;

    PSU : XFX 650W XXX Edition Modular Power Supply MWAVVE
    CASE : Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Full Tower Chassis
    SSD : OCZ Agility 3 - 60GB - 2.5" SATA3 SSD - 525MB/s Read & 475MB/s Write
    CPU ; Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3Ghz 1155pin Boxed CPU
    Graphic Card ; 2GB 6970 GIGA
    RAM : G.SKILL RipgJAW-X ddr3 1600 8g (4Gx2)
  19. yeahh i done alot of research and everyone recommonded intel soo yeahh :) thanx alot guys and sorry for the lagg reply
  20. Good choices on the setup. I can't see you being disappointed.
  21. Awesome awesome setup.

    And the good thing, you'll have enough CPU power to handle crossfire 6970s down the road, which will bring godly (and overkill these days hehe) gaming performance.

    Your PSU w/ crossfire (in the future) may be a little low after aging, so if a 750w isn't too far off in price, I'd go for it. Assuming you plan to crossfire sometime down the road.

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